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1. Cloud Foam Tips (size medium)

JLab's Cloud Foam eartips provide additional comfort to the many styles of earbuds. Why use these? Cloud Foam is ideal for long wears, such as traveling, marathons, or even a long day at work. It provides less ear fatigue than standard eartips. Expanding in your ear to just the right fit, providing all day comfort, and moisture wicking material, you'll have yourself the best eartips yet. It's time to GO comfortably.

2. Sticker Pack

Six different stickers vary in design from our favorite JCon to a miniature keyboard with a special message.

3. Headphone Display

The 100% recyclable headphone display provides a perfect place to store your coveted JLab headphones.

4. Mouse Pad

The JLab mouse pad is anti-slip and 8" in diameter. The circle Jcon design is the perfect place to rest your JLab mouse or set next to your JLab keyboard.